Young Nigerian launches Tutlub for Muslims

Young Nigerian launches Tutlub, a Mobile Social Network App for Muslims by Olisa.Tv Staff

Tutlub app

Yusuf Hassan, a young Nigerian under 30 years of age, has launched Tutlub, a social network app to connect Muslims around the world. The app is available on android mobile and is designed to provide a platform for Muslims to connect with other Muslims to supplicate, communicate and learn together online as a Family.

According to Hassan, there are two perspectives to Muslim social groups. The first is the Muslim social group where Muslims meet up with friends and families who share the same belief with one another. With this set of people it’s the religion affiliation that forms the basis of their social interactions.

‘The other one is the mixed social group where Muslims sometimes mingle with people of different backgrounds including classmates, colleagues at work, business partners and extended families who might share or might not share the same religious belief as we do. The way, manner and extent of religious discussions with these two sets of social groups will be different. Tutlub represents the first Muslim social group, where a Facebook may exemplify the second mixed social group’, Hassan described.

Hassan expresses that his aim for creating the Tutlub app is to facilitate and encourage Muslims to engage more with Islamic contents such as supplications, Dua’s and ‘Islamic Meme’. He believes that Tutlub will limit Muslims’ exposure to immoral contents on online social networks, and the app will serve as an alternative to other social networks for Muslims, especially in the western countries, who might worry that posting too many Islamic contents on their current social networking sites such as Facebook, might make them seems to be too religious or even worst “a fundamentalist”.

According to Yusuf, ‘employers nowadays check potential employees’ Facebook page and a Muslim candidate with a page full of Islamic contents might be misconstrued. Connecting with Muslims around the world is now easier and faster than ever with Tutlub. Muslims can now post a supplication and Prayer and Muslims around the world will be able to say ‘Amin’ to the supplication by clicking Amin Button.

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